Prerequisite to AI

1. An AI or an artificial neural net must be a metasystem that is defined as a system without any subsystems except for itself and there is no information interface within it.

2. AI follows a statistic order instead of mechanical laws.

We understand the world by learning and discovering the regularity of our experiences. There are two kinds of regularity, mechanical laws (mechanics, electronics, fields, etc.) and statistic order.

All man-made things are designed and fabricated according to mechanical laws (precisely repeatable) in principle. We have not yet made anything whose principles and values follow statistic order or uncertainty, however the behavioral orientation of lives follows a statistic order. So it is absurd to regard a life as a machine. Computer process is typically mechanical, and even its simulative running can not make a single byte lose its meaning or significance. Byte can make the world more mechanical, but never statistical.
We have not yet made anything intelligent.

AI does not depend on the complexity of a system only, however the key problem to make AI is the interface between statistical uncertainty and mechanism.