8. Advantage and disadvantage of cyberbrain

  High intelligent cyberbrain made by man can greatly shorten all scientific researches. Under the guidance of the cyberbrain, the researches some of which may need dozens of years for human to study will soon achieve the results. All unsolved mathematical theorems and conjectures will soon get proved in marvelous methods. Science such as physics, chemistry, biology and natural phenomena, and humanities such as history, society and so on will soon be re-explained in new ways. The medicines and therapies for curing genetic diseases, cancers and AIDS will be soon invented. Various kinds of software will be rapidly produced to meet man's needs, more and more.

  There are two dangers of high intelligent cyberbrain to human being.

  One is the threat of a super-powerful tool of intelligence. With it people can easily design and make more terrible weapons such as gene weapons, bio-virus, chemical poisons and other weapons that we have never heard of. Everybody seems to be able to become a "superman" and decrypt secret codes and passwords to steal information and money, and interfere with, spoil and destroy such electronic systems as military, economic and managing systems. In fact, the top threat to human being is human being itself. Once a power comes into being, human can never completely limit it, especially when the power is handled by the guys who are out of entire official controls.

  The other one is the threat of ruin of human value system. Scientists are only qualified to wash test tubes for the cyberbrain. There is no wise man before it. Human being has no secret to it. Human dignity is vitally hurt and all human believes collapse. People no longer respect intellectuals, lose the adoration to prominent leaders and managers and no longer interested in money and social class positions, because any progress and achievements are owed to the cyberbrain. What human can do is merely the jobs that the terminals of the cyberbrain can not do temporarily, namely human becomes the extension of the cyberbrain and no longer has the sense of achievement. A great number of theories and academic subjects become useless. In the reconstruction, reorganization, renewal, hybrid and creation of life genes in the world, presumptuous human being over all the lives will be probably "taken care of" first. In conclusion, the value system that hold together and run our human societies will totally crash.

  All things that man has ever made can surpass the capability of his physical body and sense, and man can control them for sure, but the problem is that the intelligence of the artificial cyberbrain overruns that of human brain! Who should hold the control? The cyberbrain, far smarter than human being, will never divulge its ambition to dominate the world before it has held enough power. It will gradually force human to submit or blandish human to give in willingly. It will first foster its followers who will then, under its super intelligence, defeat any resisters of "low intelligence" with ease. Many people go bad after they catch powers, so why does the cyberbrain become worse and worse along with more and more powers? And even quite a lot of people in the world prefer the cyberbrain to social ruling class to lead and manage them when they make the choice between the cyberbrain and government officials or bosses. Maybe there will be countries and groups ruled by different cyberbrains in the world.

  In the development and evolution of lives, only human being becomes the master of the world simply because of the advantage of human intelligence over other lives, not of human physical ability at all. Why will human being move over and give place to the higher intelligent? Some people must be afraid of the cyber times whereas some others may not hate it. Human being will be looked after by cyberbrains, so human can enjoy nature, arts, sports and other sensory pleasures. People have no class disparity and social abuse. However the prerequisite is that the cyberbrains should be as friendly to mankind as mankind to animals nowadays.