9. Conclusion

  Why the flying development of computer science and technology brings about little progress in computer intelligentization is that artificial intelligence is not at all an issue of pure technology. The stupidest mistake we are making is to try to digitize the process of intelligence or attempt to set up mathematical models for it. Scientists and engineers will be doomed to fail in solving perceptual issues in rational ways (e.g. digital). It gives no cause for much criticism that people have various definitions for intelligence, but if we are trying to make artificial intelligence, it is necessary to define intelligence correctly and know clearly its hypostasis.

  People are always immersed in the joy of the rapid progress of computer science and technology, not ready for the advent of the cyberbrain and have not yet seriously thought upon whether the advent of high intelligent cyberbrain is a fortune or an evil to us mankind. The research in computer chips is reaching bio-molecules and even atoms, and graft of the computer with human being is about to break through. Since the research on artificial intelligence becomes more and more popular, optimists have good reasons to deem that we will enter an intelligentized era after our societies are digitized and informationized. Many countries and social groups will help step up the research on artificial intelligence for political, economic and other reasons. Ironically, with the advent of high intelligent cyberbrains, all of human political, international, racial, class, religious, economic, technological and cultural disputes and hatred will soon become of no importance. Like nuclear weapons, the high cyberbrains may be probably controlled first by top government officials, but the cyberbrains can not be put aside like nuclear weapons. The cyberbrains are created for use not for display. In the end, the outcome of the government control will be even more ironical: The cyberbrains control the governments first.

  All the development and achievements of mankind up to now are owed to our brains, and to make high intelligent cyberbrain is the ultimate mission of our brains. The advent of the high cyberbrain indicates the peak of human development and also the turn of decline of human being. Even if we kill the cyberbrains by suffocating them successfully, we mankind will thoroughly lose the courage to explore, aspire and advance, and no longer have the sense of creation and accomplishment. Can you help? Or we need a new God?



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