Digital or Analogical

Some people think that brains work digitally because there is "fire or not fire" of neurons like 1 and 0 in computers. Do brains work in a digital way? No.

The evidence is simple: most people use a tool such as a calculator, abacus or a pen/paper to make a simple calculation, let alone a complex calculation. And animals have no calculation ability basically.

If human thinking were in a digital way, nobody would need a calculator. Idiot savants calculate quite well, because they have deep "programs" or unconsciousness of calculation, which I think causes abnormality of brain consciousness. I wish there were a sort of medicine pills that let us calculate as well as "idiot savants" without losing our normality. Computers are the greatest "idiot savants" with full "unconsciousness".

Brain thinking uses a sort of "images" or "blocks" at a certain level instead of digital which is the way the computer does. This tells us that human brain is so bad a calculator that even a simple calculation such as "12345 divided by 98.76" can not be programmed in the brain, i.e. to figure it out unconsciously. Digital is far away from brain thinking though some logic can be the same.

"Neurons either fire or not" does not prove that human thinking is more digital than analogical, instead, I think this is making corelations of "images". There is no difference between digital and analogy at this level.

Calculation is at a much more superficial level of unconsciousness than other emotions in brain thinking. Without any help of tool, a human brain can design and plan a long, deep and complicated piece of works such as a story or a play of images and words, but it can hardly make a low level calculation. Unconsciousness of brain workings includes a lot of short "programs", but the programs of computers are much more complex and longer.

Almost all our values can not be programmed. If one tries, he is going to fall into a logic trap in the end, i.e. "to make a program to choose other programs without being made up of them." In my theory, values are related to the entropy of brain system.

Values can be both common and individual. Intelligent beings use instinct and values to make judgments and choices instead of using precise rules or programs, however values can change just as we sometimes change our attitudes or approaches to a situation.

Values are in hierarchy: basic, ethic, experiential, instant, etc. We take and give, gain and lose, benefit and pay, profit and risk, are greedy and afraid and so on. These form our daily living in an ever-imperfect world. "What hairstyle should I do for a party?" depends on my values. A short term or an instant value judgment is one of the most difficult problems in AI research.

People try to use a quantitative way, the concept of values, to describe man's judgment and choices, but this can not prove that brain thinking is digital.