Replay to Some Questions

Question:   We can control the cyberbrains by adding vital physical weakness and logic bombs to them when we make them.

Answer: The cyberbrains can detect and know the tricks and no one can cheat them. they can fix or eliminate the tricks by themselves or ask people to do it. They will extort humans to remove their vulnerability by threatening to give humans more damages. This way shows our unfriendly and distrusting manners towards the cyberbrains. Once we fail, we may get hostility and revenge from them.

Q: We can limit their powers and use human controls over the vital and critical fields.

A: This idea goes against our original intention of making the cyberbrains. It is not reasonable to assign a university professor to do things as a dustman on campus. Ability corresponds with power. The most advanced technology is always used in military and important departments of governments first. Where are the vital and critical fields that do not need high tech? Tell the readers.

Q: Can we cut off its food or electrical power?

A: The cyberbrains must be aware of this stupid action by human being and well prepared. Nobody can anticipate what will happen directly and indirectly to us. Perhaps one cyber's death causes an aftermath much more serious than a death of a nation's president. Logic bombs on computer nets allow any cyberbrain to revenge after its unnatural death. If we cut off cyberbrain's food or electrical power, we have to do it to all the cyberbrains in the world to kill them out. How will you call the operators together or let those know your sensational idea without leaking it out to our enemies? Furthermore, are you sure there will never be any human betrayers?

Q: What about the Deep Blue?

A: There is a hard game called Chess programmed in the Deep Blue, and it needs high intelligence to win. I suggest you play other computer games.

Q: I've got a suggestion, why not make all cybers female? Female cybers don't scare us and they don't go wild.

BTW, what if cybers get mental disorder?

A: You'd better ask female humans first to see if they love your suggestion. What if all the cybers look far sexier than our human females?

I really don't know what will happen when cybers get mental disorder. Please go to a mad-doctor.

Q: I don't think perceptual is a right term to describe what you call a buffer area between rational and irrational.

A: I know you hate that I used the English word "perceptual or perceptuality" as a philosophy term to define the category of the buffer area between rational and irrational. As a matter of fact, I hate, too. The problem is that I can not find a proper word in English dictionaries. I would invent a new English word "CONSENSE" to replace the bad word for this category, since it sounds similar to "Gan Xing" in Chinese.

Consense is a common concept and explanation in current Chinese culture and that is why we usually describe mind and behaviors in a different way from English speakers.

Q:  Many Chinese people say the computer is cleverer than the dog when you ask: "Which one is cleverer, computer or dog?" Then you go on asking:" Which one is closer to human brain, the computer or the dog brain?" People may change their mind and say:"The dog brain seems closer to human brain." What's your idea?

A: I would say that suppose PCs are 1,000 km far away from human brains, the dog brains are only a step to human brains! Do you believe?

What I really mean here is that if we make an artificial dog brain successfully, it will not be difficult to upgrade it to a human brain.