Time, Attention and Memory

  Time is fair to everybody. It seems that the whole universe refreshes itself every elementary time.

  Time is the property of evenness of the universe, space is the property of symmetry of the universe and that the mass is the property of movement of the universe. Time, space and matter frame what we experience.

  Time, space and mass can never be defined in science, since they are the elementary frame of what we experience, the universe. If we say time is a measurement, what is measurement? If we say time is a flow, what is flow? Every definition must be in the frame. We do not have any frames to include time, space and mass both in our minds and in the nature.

  Measurements let us know how to describe something, not what it is.

  When an AI memorizes an event, it has to memorize two, objective event and time clock, at the same time if it uses a timer to know time. It is absurd for a subject to have two irrelative attentions simultaneously since unconscious workings are not memorized.

  One attention can concentrate on different sense organs at the same time, i.e. visual, hearing, smell, taste and tactility can be included, but any one of the senses can not be in two attentions at the same time, and neither can any two. Our eyes or ears can concentrate only on one place at a moment.

  The object we pay attention to is an event and its content or elements must be relative to what we note.

  We frequently change our attentions.

  How the sense of time comes into our mind is by no means we memorize it unconsciously, because unconscious activities are never memorized. We just memorize what we are conscious of. The stuff in our memory is correlationally stored. The higher the correlation is, the less stuff we memorize in an event. This can explains the function of repeated memory, i.e. to deepen the correlation. Unconsciousness is 100 percent correlation of what we sense with our memory.

  Time is the result of memory. Time would be nonsense or not exist without memory in the universe.